Is Kitty’s Teeth Clean?? An orange kitten with mouth open showing his teeth. Picture says "Pearly Whites"

Periodontal disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats of any age. Typically, there are only a small number of bacteria that make their way to the teeth, but the cat’s immune system can fight it off. Genetics can play a role in this. Cases of a major infection in the mouth or oral wounds can contribute to periodontal disease.   

E. R. Eisner DMV Diplomate AVDC, of the Denver Veterinary Dental Service states the first technique in preventing periodontal disease is toothbrushing. While holding and massaging the cat near the mouth and chin, take a piece of gauze and rub the cat’s teeth thoroughly.  Dentifrices are also used to help spray in the cat’s mouth, using a toothbrush to deep clean and cut away bad bacteria build up. Of course, if a cat is kind of sassy and does not want to be touched, a change in diet may be the best way to go.


Eisner E., Recent Advances in Dental Health Management, Denver Veterinary Dental Service, July 13th 2003, Pages 12-144.

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