Doggie Kisses. Man's Best Friend. A Dog licking a man's face.

Dogs are man’s best friend, and we love them just as much as family. When coming home from a long day at work, they tend to jump up on us and start licking and giving kisses. Little did we know, Daisy just had a rabbit in her mouth, which could possibly lead to the presence of parasites.  This can pose a risk to humans due to organisms in the dog’s mouth are not tolerable for us. Dogs can pass bacteria to humans such as clostridium, E. coli, salmonella, and campylobacter which can cause severe gastrointestinal disease in humans.  

It is possible that dogs can also carry different kinds of parasitic worms. This can result in skin problems, or intestinal disease for humans. More vulnerable groups include young children, older adults, and others with low immune systems. Adults with healthy immune systems are unlikely to catch anything.

Ken Tudor DVM (of PetMD) suggests the following to help lower risks of infections:

  • Regular deworming
  • Treating for ticks and fleas
  • Keeping up to date on vaccines
  • Feeding cooked, canned, or dry pet food
  • Daily disposal of pet feces properly
  • Proper hand washing after exposure to feces 
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