Royal Canin Diets will no longer be available in the office. You can order by visiting our online store.

Healing Springs Animal Hospital has decided to stop carrying Royal Canin diets onsite. This decision comes after months of trying to work with Royal Canin’s financial department. Where our on-site stock is concerned, Royal Canin’s bills have a distracting number of discrepancies with our recorded orders. The good news is Royal Canin diets are featured on our online store and can be delivered directly to your house.  Our online store stocks through a distributor, so we don’t have to work with Royal Canin’s billing department directly. The online store is featured on our website, under the services tab.  The direct link is  Onsite, we still carry Purina prescription diets and Blue Buffalo Prescription diets.  Let us know if you would like to learn more about Purina and Blue Buffalo.  We also have an existing inventory of Royal Canin onsite that we will offer until it runs out. After that, if you prefer to stick with Royal Canin, please login to our on-line store. Some of our online prices are too low for us to advertise, so our clients have to login. Our team will help you with this transition.

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