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Is It Aggression or Undiagnosed Pain? Picture of a brown dog with an ice pack on its head.

Is It Aggression or Undiagnosed Pain?

New or worsening aggressive behavior in older dogs may result from undiagnosed pain. In a study published in the Journal of Veterinary Behavior, researchers studied dogs whose owners complained of new or worsened aggressive behaviors. [1] In all cases, pain had been building for some time.  Dogs became aggressive when people tried to move their […]

Cats – Indoors or Outdoors? Picture of a caucasian female reclined and holding a brown striped cat.

Cats – Indoors or Outdoors?

While the decision whether to have an indoor cat or an outdoor cat is a personal one, here’s one of the facts to consider.  It affects lifespan. A cat’s life expectancy has greatly increased over the years, but there is still a large gap between that of an indoor cat and that of an outdoor […]

Why Do Turtles Cross the Road? Picture of a turtle crossing a paved road.

Why Do Turtles Cross the Road?

We have all heard the line “why did the chicken cross the road”. Have you ever wondered about why turtles cross the road, or if you should stop and help them in crossing? In late spring and early summer, turtles may be crossing the road searching for mates or nesting sites. Turtles will cross roads […]

Pets and Fireworks Don't Mix. Picture of a black and white dog with patriotic looking sunglasses on.

Pets and Fireworks Don’t Mix

Summer celebrations are soon starting and with that comes the fourth of July and fireworks. While most people enjoy the firework displays and excitement, pets do not always like all the noise and flashing colors that go with fireworks. Fireworks sound louder to your pet because of their acute hearing. It can be terrifying and […]