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Black Cat Awareness Month. Picture of a black cat in a field of pumpkins.

Black Cat Awareness Month

There are many outdated superstitions and myths associated with black cats. Black cats are often associated with Halloween, witches, bad luck, and evil. They are often abused or abandoned because of these superstitions. Other superstitions connect black cats with bad luck (for example: a black cat crossing your path). Many shelters refuse to adopt out […]

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets. Picture of a black and tan long-haired dachshund sitting beside 2 jack-o-lantern pumpkins and some autumn leaves.

Halloween Safety Tips for Pets

Halloween can be stressful for dogs, as their natural instinct is to protect the home and alert when a stranger is arriving. It can be tricky to make sure they don’t get into the wrong snacks. Dog owners love to give their furry friends the occasional treat, but which treats are safe for pets? The […]

Autumn Hazards for Pets. Picture of a black, white and tan dog and a black cat, sitting on the back end of a small boat in the water.

Autumn Hazards for Pets

With each change of the season comes new potential hazards for pets. For pet owners, it’s important to know what each season of the year can bring. Below are some of the dangers fall can bring to pets. Snakes: With the change of seasons from warmer to colder, animals, such as snakes, will start preparing […]

Medication and Arthritis in Cats. Picture of a tan and white cat lying on a deck beside a stream or river.

Medication and Arthritis in Cats

Osteoarthritis (OA) is a progressive disease that can seriously affect a cat’s health and well-being. OA can hinder a cat’s ability to jump, climb, run, or even walk. There is a new medication that will soon be available specifically to address OA. Solensia helps control the pain, enabling them to move about more freely. This […]