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Best Way to Greet a Dog . Picture of a Dalmatian dog sitting and looking at someone.

Best Way to Greet a Dog

Dogs are fun animals to get to know. However, one must use caution when meeting a strange dog. The dog will not be used to you and will be on the defensive side. Certain actions can exasperate this and may lead to trouble. Below is a guide on how to greet a dog. This is […]

Get Up and Get Moving – for Health’s Sake! Picture of a young caucasian male and female hiking outside with a blonde labrador retriever.

Get Up and Get Moving – for Health’s Sake!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, two out of three American adults are overweight or obese. Likewise, over 50% of dogs in the US were classified as too heavy by their vet. The good news is all of that can change because you and your pet are the perfect workout buddies. Here’s why. 1. […]

Dogs and Their Noses. Picture of a close up of a white dog and its nose.

Dogs and Their Noses

Most dog owners find that a cold, wet nose on their canine signifies a healthy dog. A dog naturally secretes mucus that helps it trap scent particles on the surface, thus creating a wet nose. But what if the nose is warm and dry? Does a dry nose indicate the dog is sick? For the […]

Importance of Rabies Vaccination. Picture of a small black and white dog in the arms of a veterinarian.

Importance of Rabies Vaccination

With the increase of confirmed rabies cases in southwestern Virginia, it is imperative that all pets be vaccinated for rabies.  Health officials of the Virginia Department of Health have confirmed the positive testing of multiple skunks, and a fox. The fox that tested positive was found in a neighborhood in Christiansburg. Rabies can be fatal, […]

Debunking the Vegan Dog Diet: Assessing Health Considerations for Canine Nutrition. Picture of a black and white spaniel lying beside his/her food dish.

Debunking the Vegan Dog Diet: Assessing Health Considerations for Canine Nutrition

As veganism gains popularity,1,2 some pet owners may consider extending their dietary choices to their beloved dogs. However, it’s important to recognize that dogs have unique nutritional requirements. In this article, we discuss the topic of vegan diets for dogs, and the health considerations associated with this dietary choice. Carnivorous Nature of Dogs: Dogs are […]