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Pet Cremation. Picture of a tan colored kitten and small tan and white dog lying next to each other.

Pet Cremation

Pet cremation is the process of incinerating a deceased pet’s body to reduce it to ashes. It is a common option for handling the remains of beloved pets after they pass away. Here are some key points to understand about pet cremation: Types of Pet Cremation: Individual Cremation: In this method, each pet is cremated […]

Are Nuts Poisonous to Dogs?. Picture of a large brown dog laying with a ice pack on his head.

Are Nuts Poisonous to Dogs?

Most dog owners have been guilty of feeding their dogs human snacks at some point. One of the most common snacks are nuts. If not plain nuts themselves, snacks also tend to contain nuts as a part of the ingredients. Some of these nuts are more toxic to dogs than others. It’s important to know […]

Autumn Dangers for Pets . Picture of a mixed breed dog going for a walk while on a leash.

Autumn Dangers for Pets

With each change of the season comes new potential hazards for pets. For pet owners, it’s important to know what each season of the year can bring. Below, we’ll discuss some of the dangers fall can bring to pets. Snakes: With the change of seasons from warmer to colder, animals, such as snakes, will start […]

Guessing a Cat’s Age. Picture of an orange tabby cat getting a check-up at a veterinarian's office.

Guessing a Cat’s Age

Have you ever looked at a cat and wondered how old it really was? It seems to make a difference in appearance if the cat was kept indoors or outdoors. Most of the time a cat will be full size by 1 year. If you do not know how old your kitty is, your vet […]