Autumn Dangers for Pets

With each change of the season comes new potential hazards for pets. For pet owners, it’s important to know what each season of the year can bring. Below, we’ll discuss some of the dangers fall can bring to pets.

Snakes: With the change of seasons from warmer to colder, animals, such as snakes, will start preparing for hibernation. This increases the chance of your pet coming across them and getting bitten. Be sure to keep your yard clear of any potential hiding spots for snakes, and be careful around rocks or any other formations they may like to hide in.

Mushrooms: Most mushrooms are not toxic, but some of them are. Unfortunately, there are certain kinds of mushrooms that tend to attract dogs because of their fishy odor. Be sure to pick up any mushrooms you have in your yard before your pet gets a chance to ingest them.

Rat poison: With the change in weather, many people use rat poison to fight off rodents. Unfortunately, these toxins can also poison pets in the neighborhood. One could try either humane traps or other traps that don’t use poison. If you must use poison for rodent control, use extreme caution. Place it in places you know your pet cannot access. Also, keep a watch out for the rodents after they’ve ingested the poison. If your pet eats an animal that has ingested poison, he or she will ingest the poison. 

Antifreeze: Keep this substance carefully locked up and be aware of spills. Clean those up immediately when you see them. Also, avoid touching your pets until you’ve washed your hands after handling antifreeze.

These are just a few hazards that can present themselves in fall. Be sure to be aware of your surroundings to watch out for these, and other, hazards.

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