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Get Up and Get Moving – for Health’s Sake! Picture of a young caucasian male and female hiking outside with a blonde labrador retriever.

Get Up and Get Moving – for Health’s Sake!

According to the Centers for Disease Control, two out of three American adults are overweight or obese. Likewise, over 50% of dogs in the US were classified as too heavy by their vet. The good news is all of that can change because you and your pet are the perfect workout buddies. Here’s why. 1. […]

Dogs and Their Noses. Picture of a close up of a white dog and its nose.

Dogs and Their Noses

Most dog owners find that a cold, wet nose on their canine signifies a healthy dog. A dog naturally secretes mucus that helps it trap scent particles on the surface, thus creating a wet nose. But what if the nose is warm and dry? Does a dry nose indicate the dog is sick? For the […]

Importance of Rabies Vaccination. Picture of a small black and white dog in the arms of a veterinarian.

Importance of Rabies Vaccination

With the increase of confirmed rabies cases in southwestern Virginia, it is imperative that all pets be vaccinated for rabies.  Health officials of the Virginia Department of Health have confirmed the positive testing of multiple skunks, and a fox. The fox that tested positive was found in a neighborhood in Christiansburg. Rabies can be fatal, […]

Debunking the Vegan Dog Diet: Assessing Health Considerations for Canine Nutrition. Picture of a black and white spaniel lying beside his/her food dish.

Debunking the Vegan Dog Diet: Assessing Health Considerations for Canine Nutrition

As veganism gains popularity,1,2 some pet owners may consider extending their dietary choices to their beloved dogs. However, it’s important to recognize that dogs have unique nutritional requirements. In this article, we discuss the topic of vegan diets for dogs, and the health considerations associated with this dietary choice. Carnivorous Nature of Dogs: Dogs are […]

The Whiskers Wonders: Unveiling the Purpose of Whiskers in Dogs and Cats. Picture of 2 puppies and 1 kitten, each sitting in a tea cup.

The Whiskers Wonders: Unveiling the Purpose of Whiskers in Dogs and Cats

Whiskers, also known as vibrissae, are fascinating and essential features found in both dogs and cats. These long, stiff hairs protruding from specific areas of their faces serve a vital purpose beyond mere aesthetics. In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of whiskers and explore why dogs and cats possess these specialized sensory […]

Do Cats Have Color Vision? Unveiling the Feline Perception of the World. Picture of a close-up of a calico cat's green eyes.

Do Cats Have Color Vision? Unveiling the Feline Perception of the World

Cats have long been known for their keen senses, particularly their exceptional night vision and acute hearing. However, one question that has intrigued cat owners and researchers alike is whether cats possess color vision similar to humans. This article aims to explore the fascinating topic of feline color vision and shed light on how cats […]

Ocular Changes in Senior Pets. Picture of a small brown dog lying in the lap of an older caucasian male.

Ocular Changes in Senior Pets

Senior pets can experience various ocular changes as they age, just as humans do.  Here are some common ocular changes that can occur in senior pets: Regular veterinary check-ups are crucial for senior pets, including thorough ocular examinations. If you notice any changes in your senior pet’s eyes, such as redness, discharge, cloudiness, or vision […]

Decreased Appetite in Senior Pets. Picture of a young caucasian female placing a bowl of food down for an older golden retriever.

Decreased Appetite in Senior Pets

A decreased appetite in senior pets can be a cause for concern, as it may indicate an underlying health issue. There are several potential reasons why a senior pet may experience a decreased appetite: If your senior pet has a decreased appetite, it is important to consult with a veterinarian. They will be able to […]

Ensuring Leash Safety for Your Beloved Canine Companion. Picture of a person dressed in camouflage walking with a large black dog on a leash.

Ensuring Leash Safety for Your Beloved Canine Companion

Walking your dog on a leash is a fundamental aspect of responsible pet ownership. Not only does it provide exercise and mental stimulation, but it also ensures the safety of your furry friend and the community around you. However, it’s essential to prioritize leash safety to prevent accidents, injuries, and potential mishaps. In this article, […]

How to Tell if Your Cat is Stressed. Picture of a calico cat peaking out from behind wall panels.

How to Tell if Your Cat is Stressed

Cats can experience stress in various situations, and it’s important to recognize the signs so you can help alleviate their discomfort. Here are some common indicators that your cat may be stressed: Changes in behavior: Look for unusual behaviors such as excessive hiding, decreased appetite, or increased aggression. Stress can cause cats to become withdrawn […]